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Ajmani public school society began school in 2005 with class 1 st standard having four children only . with this temporary set up and embarking challenges .our president CA H.S Ajmani and secretary MRS .Gurjeet Kaur Ajmani brought success by increasing summit from 4 to 400 .and 400 to many more.

One step ahead ... once again...Shiksha Bhi Sanskaar Bhi..

News & Events

School timing
Summer timing (April to October) -

Monday –Friday

  • Class P.G. to K.G. – 08:40am-12:30pm
  • Class I Onward- 07:15am-01:30pm


  • Class P.G to K.G - 08:40am-11:30am
  • Class I onward- 07 :15am-12:30pm

School timing
Winter timing (November to March) -

Monday –Friday

  • Class P.G. to K.G. – 09:30am-01:30pm
  • Class I Onward- 08:15am-02:30pm


  • Class P.G. to K.G- 09:30am-12:30am
  • Class I onward- 08:15am-01:30pm

Visiting Hours
Meeting with Principal or M.D. -

Principal - 10 :00 am to 12:00 noon
M.D. - 11:30 am to 01:30pm

Besides PTM parents can meet the teachers
Saturday B/w 12:10 pm- 12:40 pm (PG to KG)
Saturday B/w 01:10pm -01:40pm (I to VIII)

Holidays, Vacation & Uniform
School Uniform:-

Given in Diary Attached Photocopy

Holidays & Vacation:-

From Diary Attached Photocopy